Introducing Reyamir

Reyamir is world of lost civilizations, powerful magic and ancient machines. The name means “World of Light”.

Long ago, the Valori Empire stretched across several continents, into the skies, and into the Deep Realms below the surface. They ruled over the world through their mastery of magic and technology. But a cataclysm brought that chapter of Reyamir’s history to a close. The more primitive races were left to inherit the ruins.

Now Reyamir’s children wage war over pieces of the precious Valori technology, treasure hunters delve into deep dungeons hoping to uncover their riches, Wizards and artificers seek to rediscover the magic of the ancients. And will this power be used to create a better world? Or to crush all of the opposition?

You decide.

Confront the dangers of the darkest dungeons. Explore the secrets of a lost empire. Lose yourself in the world of Reyamir.

Game Details

Reyamir is a 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons campaign. It’s the third major D&D world developed by Aaron (ArturosKnight), and is a high fantasy campaign with elements of Steampunk and Horror. Like all my campaigns, this game is intended to strike a balance between roleplaying and combat/dungeon exploration. However, it can be easily tweaked for groups that prefer one or the other.

This campaign is designed specifically for use with the 5th Edition ruleset, and started development pretty much as soon as I got my hands on a Player’s Handbook.

The current active campaign is the Whitestar Campaign. The campaign is designed to accommodate an ever-shifting roster of players by focusing on mostly self-contained, one-session-long adventures. The campaign also takes place within a single city, Whitestar, making it easier for characters to rotate in and out. If they are absent, we assume they are just somewhere else in the city at the time, or perhaps taking a short journey away.